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Unique Pest and Lawn Solutions offers Nation Wide Bed Bug Detection, Using Certified Trained bed bug dogs. 

In recent years the cases of bed bug infestations has risen exponentially. Prevention and early detection are key elements in bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are cryptic and mobile pests, making it difficult to detect with the human eye. It is almost impossible for a human to find a bed bug nymph or egg because bed bugs in these stages are miniscule and translucent. The early detection of bed bugs is critical, however, to treating them successfully. Due to the newest technology, detection and treatment is easier than in years past. This new detection tool is none other than “Man’s Best Friend”. Yes, trained dogs are the latest trend in eradicating bed bugs.

Uniique Pest & Lawn uses Certified Trained Dog to Detect Bed Bugs in St. Louis, MO - MissouriMeet Jack, our Newest  four-legged bed bug detective. Unique Pest and Lawn Solutions is proud to offer certified, trained bed bug detection dogs, Jack our newest member to our famly, has been trained at the Florida Canine Academy, which is owned and operated by Bill Whitstine – Certified Master Trainer (CMT). It has been featured on such shows as: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and Extreme Makeover – Home Edition. Jack is Bed Bug Dog certified. His testing and evaluation is an ongoing process. After Jack’s initial training, he is tested quarterly and recertified annually, which ensures you that our dog is “at the top of his game”.

Dogs are the perfect tool since they use scent rather than vision to detect an infestation. Remember, early infestations may be limited to just a few eggs and normally go undetected. Yet, canines have the ability to detect as few as one live bed bug or viable egg. Research shows they are even able to discriminate live bugs and viable eggs from dead bugs, fecal matter and cast skins. They have smelling capabilities 10,000 times superior to humans. Within a controlled environment, they also have an accuracy rate of up to 95% as compared to a trained human inspector who typically has an accuracy rate of 17-30%.

Our dog’s skill of pinpointing the exact site of infestation rather than searching an entire room or unit also saves an enormous amount of time. He can locate infestations that are not visible to the human eye; places such as an outlet, a baseboard, along a carpet tack strip, or inside electronic equipment. Jack has been trained to detect bed bugs behind wall, under floors, and otherwise inaccessible areas in a matter of a few minutes per room. Imagine the length of time it would take a human to search a block of hotel rooms, a hospital, or hundreds of seats in a movie theatre. Not to mention their accuracy rate is extremely lower than that of the canine.

This precise accuracy of our canine also provides you the ability to “Go Green”. Dogs can isolate the specific area of infestation. So there is no need to use an excessive amount of chemicals that are sometimes applied when treating an entire room.

Using our canine detection proactively with quarterly inspections of your property can be quite beneficial. Recently, more attorneys and insurance companies are reporting an increase number of lawsuits due to bed bug bites. Maintaining regular inspections can prevent a client or patient’s complaint and possible legal action if they are bitten by bed bugs while at your facility. It does less damage to your business’ name, prevents a legal battle, and is more cost-effective, if you have us locate and remediate the problem before an incident occurs.

Canines have proven to be honest, loyal, efficient and accurate. For years, they have been used by law enforcement and the government for the detection of bombs, drugs, cadavers, and mold. When properly trained and certified, they are even recognized as a “scientific instrument” in the court of law.

Our four-legged bed bug detectives can be the answer to providing a bed bug free environment to your clients, customers, patients, and family. Canine scent detection adds a whole new dimension to bed bug inspection. Taking this strategic approach to bed bug detection will give you the knowledge of knowing that you are BED BUG FREE.


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